Go swimming, enjoy the sun and save money

Go swimming, enjoy the sun and save money

Go swimming, enjoy the sun and save money

Go for a swim – one of the best summer activities. However, many money and costs come together with the purchase of bathing suits, swimming pool admission and drinks at the local kiosk. The following tips will also help you to organize a swim day with the whole family at low cost and with little money.


Buy bathing suits cheap

Who buys at the last moment, almost certainly spend too much money. However, if you are looking for bargains months before, or have even sold out in the previous sale in the previous year, you can often buy swimwear or swimsuit, bath towel or water wings for the children much cheaper. Because who goes shopping at the last moment, often only has the choice between the (then usually higher) prices. If you think of it early, you will have much more time to find a cheap offer.

And things may not be worth buying for new things. Especially children’s bathing suits, from which the little ones very quickly grow out again, are often sold second-hand via mother-and-child flea markets or in the circle of acquaintances – in a quality that is often almost as new. And even the recently purchased water wings can, if the child has learned to swim safely, make money there again.

As such, cheap shopping opportunities are offered at: flea markets of kindergartens and nurseries, online classifieds markets, church mother-child meeting places or the like. Find out on the internet or city newspaper.


Save entrance fees

Of course, the most expensive swimming pools also have the most money to advertise. That’s why they always come first. Often there are also smaller swimming pools with lower admission prices, which are even more comfortable at the end than many mass enterprises. And on a family trip to the pool, where you would save only $1.50 per person, you have $6, – for one or the other ice cream saved together.

But there are also no entrance fees: in many cities and communities in Germany there are lakes or rivers for swimming. Here you can settle at no cost, has often (eg at the shores of the lake) even a sandy beach and may in contrast to the swimming pool still to barbecue. With children you should only consider at lakes, that no lifeguard is on site and therefore you should keep your children a little better in view.

By the way, you can easily find a lake near you on the Internet.


But you can also save on the entrance fee to the swimming pool: do not always buy individual tickets. This is much more expensive than multiple cards, monthly or even season tickets. Think about how many times you would like to go swimming in the future and buy the most suitable and cheap option right from the start.

By the way: many swimming pools offer family days or other special times with reduced entrance fees. Inquire and plan the swimming pool visit accordingly. Your wallet will thank you.

Do not forget to take advantage of all the advantages: family tickets, student tariffs, discounts for 4 recipients – whatever your local swimming pool offers. Ask there and find out more on the respective website.


Snacks and drinks in the pool are expensive

What do you pay for half a liter of mineral water in the swimming pool? $1, – or $1,50 or even $2, -? Although in discounters 1.5 liters from $0.19 would be available (or only 0.2 cents for 1 liter of tap water). The kiosk directly in the pool is therefore almost always the most expensive if you want to provide yourself with drinks, snacks and a snack.

Therefore, take everything with you from home, what you and if necessary. Your children are expected to eat and drink throughout the day. You save a lot of money when buying these foods at the discount store. With a family of four, $10, – or more can quickly come together, which can be saved in just one day.


Sunscreen – cheap and good

The most expensive sunscreen or the one with the best-known brand name protects best from sunburn and is the healthiest to skin? That’s not true! Many tests have shown that cheap sun creams are often just as good as the expensive ones.

Search Google for the keyword “sunscreen test” and you will find cheap and at the same time high-quality products (which you buy best locally in the store – because the shipping costs of an order on the Internet make the cheapest offer in the end too much expensive).

The tests show that no name brands at the discount store or the cheap drugstore market offer good quality sunscreen, only for a lot less money. And a purchase in the pharmacy with sunscreen is not necessary at all (unless you have a very special allergy), because there are the prices again significantly higher.


Save on the ride to lake or swimming pool

How much is it to drive to the lake or swimming pool by car? A rough estimate shows it:

Assuming the way to the swimming pool are 5 km – makes a total of 10 km round trip. The drive to the swimming pool is usually a cold car start and in city traffic. It consumes a car more than the general average and it comes easily to 10 liters per 100 km, so about 1 liter for the 10-kilometer ride to the swimming pool and back. Roughly makes $1.20 to $1.40. And while the wear of the car is not even considered.

The bill is so simple: with the bike into the pool saves money and the ice in the afternoon is already funded by the fuel savings. Apart from the fact that this is much more environmentally friendly and healthy.


Borrow instead of buying saves

You like to lie on the lawn in the swimming pool and read? Remember: buying new is more expensive than borrowing. In many city libraries, they get books virtually for free as much as you want. Even magazines are often to borrow free of charge and one or the other Euro quickly saved.


Much less money for the swimming pool in summer

In short, there’s a lot of money to spend on swimming and swimming in summer. It’s easy to spend $20, – or more for a family on a single day.

It is worthwhile to go spontaneously into the pool on warm days, but to think in advance and to plan something. You save a lot of money!

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